The list of the world’s richest persons of all time depending on their net worth, assets, and we talking about of this eras in which pure wealth was harder to measure. And if you think we are living among the richest individual in history because of modern technology then you are WRONG, the world’s richest individual lived in former times. Here is our list…..


9. Mansa Musa (around 400 bn in today’s dollars)


He was the ruler of the kingdom of Mali from 1312 C.E. to 1337 C.E. During his reign, Mali was one of the richest kingdoms of Africa, and Mansa Musa was among the richest individuals.He came to power in 1312 C.E.,After the king  Mansa Abu Bakr II who disappeared in atlantic ocean.His kingdom was already wealthy but in his command his kingdom become wealthiest kingdom.His money come from mining significant salt and gold.

8)Augustus Caesar (around 4.5 trillion in today’s dollars)


He was the first Roman emperor, who ruled the vast empire from 27 BC until his death in AD 14, boasted a personal fortune equivalent to 30% of the entire empire’s economy, worth $4.63 trillion in today’s dollars. According to history professor ION MORRIS Augustus owned many powerful states like, Egypt.And he stands currently as the confirmed  trillionaire in history.

7)Emperor Shenzong


Emperor Shenzong of Song, His original name was Zhao Xu,he was the sixth emperor of the Song dynasty in China. Peak of Shenzong  of song his net worth: $30+ trillion (£21+trn) Shenzong ruled China from 1067-1085 during the ‘Peaceful Prosperity’ and ‘Primary Abundance’ eras when he controlled around 30% of global GDP, the equivalent of $30+ trillion (£21+trn) today.